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Now is the time!!

Many of you may not know that I have a YouTube channel. In the wake of the current climate especially, it has become apparent that for parents and children alike, something must be done.

Likewise, many of you have asked or expressed a desire in creating online videos after experiencing a workshop or class with me. A recent plea from a sister, right after having a vision casting conversation with another sister confirmed that now is the perfect time to make sure there is content out there for our families during this time to relax and create together. I won't just offer videos on painting, but will try to share with you my passion for many different art forms. We will explore just like I do in the classroom.

When I started my company, there was never the desire to remain a "paint company" and my private students know that. We have done everything from weaving to pyrography and from drawing to stop motion videos!

Now, I need your patience and honesty, because while I'm growing there will surely be some kinks but it'll be worth it!

Please come visit me as we explore a different project each video! Let's create, inspire and grow... then OUTgrow!!!

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Most OutGROWing Art:


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Adoria Maxberry
Adoria Maxberry
Mar 16, 2020

Thanks for the love!!


Brandon Maxberry
Brandon Maxberry
Mar 15, 2020

This was so dope!


Awesome can hardly wait to get started!

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