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Life as a Teacher

Personal Glossary

Below you will find terms that resonate with Mrs. Maxberry, the educator and student. They are defined by Mrs. Maxberry.. Not Webster's.....  

Engage- Bringing students and participants to a state of intrigue and interest in the creative process. The ability to customize experiences, events and happenings and draw in. Capture, seize and …. release into wild. 

Radiant- Shining brightly, bringing clarity and light to dimly lit situations. The effects of an extremely radiant conversation, piece, story, or encounter can cause feelings of warmth, excitement and flashes of glitter. Overwhelming feelings of excitement may occur.  


Connection- The ability to bring seemingly abstract ideas, thoughts, experiences, relationships into relation with one another. The power of connection leads to feelings of engagement (see engage). Everything is connected if you look hard enough. 


Color- Vibrant, bold, fading, highly pigmented. Must have light but literally can be seen in the darkness of my head. Illuminates otherwise dull situations and makes my life. Used to categorize, organize, feel and express.  


Uncomfortable- Exploring the boundaries of what may be considered safe. Stirring feelings that may be evocative, or off-putting. Pushing the envelope and bringing light to issues, concerns and thoughts that may otherwise be forced away. Why does this make you uncomfortable? How does it connect?   


Perspective- Up high, down low, look around, look slow, flip it, rotate it.  It may seem like something Dr. Seuss would think as he plays a round of “Bop It.” In all seriousness, the ability to seek understanding and look beyond what can be seen...  


Growth- Symbolized in the usage of trees and the metaphor of life as a seed. Encouraged personally, professionally and in every area of my life and those around me. Reminder that a seed must literally explode in order to reach its potential. Continuing to evolve and expand. 


Purpose- Why?  The WHY? Relates with connection and leads one to action. Often identified through reflection and can be found as a common stream that may be prevalent through continued work.  Exploration and deep thought may be necessary to identify.  

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