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Slowly but Surely....

So let's have a conversation about how creating this online store is taking more out of me than anticipated. I'll have you know that it will be pretty amazing once finished though. Every little detail is being thought through and it's... exhausting.

It's in this moment that I would like to close my laptop and say forget it, but that's not my style. For some reason there's a little person inside of me that keeps loading wood, coal, and rainbows into this fire within and stoking it. Something is pushing me and I want to encourage you. There's something in your life that you're on the other side of right now and you're thinking... "I don't wanna." Well, too bad, keep going. Your future depends on it. Your success depends on it. We all depend on you being on the other side of your "it." So push through it!!

I want to leave you with this thought, what if at birth your mom just decided, "this whole delivery thing is too much, I'm going to just sit here and quit." What sense would that even make! You can't half deliver the baby and say "never mind." The purpose in that baby was far greater than the pain it took to get it here. Just like I can't partially complete this online store and just leave it there. No! Get to it, no half growing in Most OutGROWing! Keep Going!!!!


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