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New Car Smell!

Have you ever gone to a showroom while your car is getting worked on? I have a hard time just sitting still and it always intrigues me to see what's new! I can't help but to open a few of the cars, sit inside and take a long sniff! *Inhales through nose*

Mmmmmm.... New car smell! There's nothing like it!

As I type this blog, the only thing that I can compare going to and seeing a piece of my dream become a reality to would be sitting in a brand new car, and smelling the "new."

Take a whiff with me! Jump into each area and give us your feedback! What do you think? Give us a test drive, try one of our workshops on for size. You won't be disappointed.

As we at MOG settle into our new home on the worldwide web, tell us what you would like to see. I'll share things that inspire, excite and encourage here! Stay tuned for more amazing adventures in the life of Most OutGROWing: an ART Movement!


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