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It may be hard to see, but these stairs at an area high school stadium read "DO NOT SIT." Now, when I took this picture, I had run up and down all the flights of stairs in the stadium and was about to complete my final set. As I lifted one foot up in front of the other, it started to make even more sense why I had finally paid attention to the writing! I clearly wanted to sit!

It wasn't until nearly exhausting myself, that I even paid attention to literally the "writing on the wall." Many times in life we need to remember that though we are exhausted and feel like we should take a load off, there's no room to sit. It could be physically dangerous to those who are also on the path if we stopped and sat down. Just like in life, it may be easier at times to sit down, give up or become complacent in our current status, but that may be dangerous! Not just for us but those in front and behind us! We personally could get trampled. If you decide to just give up, sit down or take a rest in an area where you should be moving, it could cost you. Don't cause yourself unnecessary harm. DO NOT SIT.

In addition to the danger it could cause for you, you may hinder someone else's climb. There are people that look up to you and are following your footsteps. Be sure to lead by example and don't get caught sitting. Many people are relying on you to climb to pave the way for them. Don't set the standard by being basic, mediocre or hindering progress. It's time to move in excellence, keep climbing, keep pushing and keep working to be Most OutGROWing!


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